I have put a lot of thought into cleaning and safety at Meadowsweet in the light of the Covid 19 pandemic, and after the closure of all self-catering properties for some time. This document is intended to reassure you, our guests, that the property is being properly prepared for each party that arrives.


When you arrive, the house will have been given a two-stage clean.

  • Firstly, the normal cleaning with hot soapy water
  • Followed by disinfecting with Virucidal disinfectant – everything in kitchen and shower rooms. All carpets and soft furnishings will have been sprayed with Virucidal disinfectant.

(Bleach is frequently used for disinfectant purposes, but this is not possible at Meadowsweet, as we have a septic tank, not mains drainage.) Textiles such as sheets and towels will have been washed in a hot wash, including pillow and mattress protectors. All other bedding will have been rested and aired between use – so it will not be used for consecutive sets of visitors.


  • Please keep the property well-aired during your stay, and LEAVE SOME WINDOWS OPEN WHEN YOU GO – not the large side-opening windows, but some small windows at the top of the frames, please, for example in the living room, shower rooms and conservatory.
  • For cleaning during your stay – I have provided spray for carpets and for furniture, in case you need these. They are unscented disinfectant/sanitiser products, which are high specification virucidal sprays to keep you safe during this time of Covid 19. I have labelled the bottles appropriately for your use.
  • My contact numbers, and others such as plumber, doctor, hospital, are in a folder, along with information about kitchen appliances, heating etc.
  • A box file of information on local attractions is available – please be aware that it is not possible to sterilise this, so you use it at your own risk.
  • The same applies to the books and DVDs on the bookshelf. Rather than emptying these things out of the house, I have cleaned them, but if you are not comfortable using them, please refrain.
  • Extra cushions have been removed from the house, for hygiene reasons.
  • I have reduced the amount of crockery and glassware in the kitchen, for ease of washing, so that you know it has all been sanitised.
  • Some extra electrical equipment in the kitchen has been temporarily removed, so that you know that the things available have all been cleaned and sterilised.
  • You will have heard official recommendations to ‘wash your hands’ many times! I am providing liquid soap and hand sanitiser for your convenience at Meadowsweet.

Guidelines on re-opening self-catering accommodation have been issued by UKHospitality on behalf of the Scottish Government. They state;

“If a guest presents themselves with symptoms of Covid 19, or is asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate, they should be advised to…..return home to self-isolate according to current government guidance.”

I am happy to talk about refunds or rebooking if illness does prevent you staying in Meadowsweet.